Monday, April 2, 2007

My Hope

I am not a computer savvy eventhough I was in the telecommunications industry for ages. Somehow, I feel left out, especially today. I am sitting next to my daughter, Lala, a beautiful 17 year old girl with her two childhood friends, Sara and Lina. I feel like I am 17!!! Oohh...That's too much for an antique to feel 17. Why do I feel left out? Coz, they are very much attached to the net, when I am struggling and juggling with the keyboard and the url.... Mommy was trying to reach out the ministries' names when the girls are very contented with songs.... Is internet is all about songs, friensters and chats? WHere is human interaction then? Back when I was 17, I jumped from one bus to another visiting friends in their hometowns. I was once at Sungai Haji Dorani, Sabak Bernam, with Chipan and Ardeem, visited Achik, our classmate, and her father's big padi field. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery back then... I still keep the pictures...Me in my sarung, trying to act as an innocent kampung girl, but fell down into the 'batas'.... Only to see my sarung was full with mud and the buffalo smiled at me....

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