Sunday, May 13, 2007


Sitting next to me now is Rahimi, a young, genius and dedicated lecturer who recently received an award as Best Student in his convocation. He is only 25, an age when life has just started. I asked him 'kenapa nak jadi lecturer?' His humble answer was 'sebab saya suka nak jumpa students'.

Rahimi wants to grow as an academician. He had, once, worked in the industry, but his passion is lecturing. He sees the glory and beauty as a lecturer. He wants to be an expert in his area. He wants to be called Dr Rahimi, or perhaps, Professor Dr Rahimi one day. I admire his ambition.

Me? I was like him before, but not today. My passion was blown up by a bunch of people who decide on my behalf. To them, I am not competent to achieve my dream. Fine, it is ok with me, but I will not forget those who pinalise me for something that they will regret one day.

I was in the industry for 15 years. I want to achive something more in life. I turned up to be an academician. I sacrificed my handsome pay and luxury life to achieve my dream, the same dream that Rahimi has. But today I realised that my sacrifices are not going to get paid-off. It is shattered, tragically. Sad.

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