Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Best Friend

My student, a bubbly Nurul Huda, made her presentation this morning about her best friend. They were together for more than a year and shared so many things together until her best friend was taken away from her in 2003. Her friend was hit by a car on his way to the college in year 2003. Since then Nurul felt very lonely and sorrow. She misses her friend so much.

Nurul's story reminded me of my friends. I have few best friends since my primary school. Takiyah Tahir, Siti Salwa Hj Arshad and Tan Lay Wan from SRK (P) Bukit Kuda, Klang. I don't know where they are now. 6 years together and we learnt about life in our tender age.

When I went to secondary school at SMP Methodist, Klang, I had Siti Khadzimah Sallip, Norliza Md Yusuf and Khuzaini Samingun. I was very close to Norinta Md Yatim. We came from the same neighbourhood and we grew up together. I have Siti Norhayati Ahmad, the one and only Dading who always there for me until now, Quay Wai Quin, where are you? Then I went to SM Teknik Kuala Lumpur. I had more good friends, and Siti Khadzimah (Ardeem), Siti Norhayati (Dading)and Norliza(Chipan) were together with me. I met Norasni Kanapi, Siti Rohaya, Rosmawati (Are Chick) Harun, Mohd Isa (Steng) Abas, Abd Azis (Enon) Jelani, Khairul Badri Hanafi, Mazwin Miswandi, Azizah (Jijah), and many more. Ardeem went to UTM whilst Liza went to the States.

In 1983, I went to UiTM Shah Alam where I met Noraini, a girl who came from a very poor family. But she left after a semester due to her financial condition. I don't know where Noraini is now. The last I heard about her was that she became a teacher. During my stay in SM Teknik, I had one pet sister and pet brother; Kak Zie - Aznah from Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan (if I am not mistaken, she went to UTM after SPM) and Abang Abdul Malek (Allen) Zainal. His last letter to me in 1986 was from Japan. Then he is gone, don't know where.

In UiTM, I met Khuzaini back. In UiTM I had Mazni Zainin, now in Labuan Reinsurance, Maslina Shafie, now in one insurance company and Roshidah Ngah, now at KWSP. We are still in contact till now. I shall never forget my small group of classmates whom I am still in contact with them - Noorlida Md Khalid, Akauntan in Kementerian Penerangan, Ruziah Ahmad at LHDN, Nora Azmah Md Isa in UMW, Nazaruddin Abdul Rahim in CELCOM, Azizan Aziz who is on his own, Prof Dr Muhd Kamil Ibrahim, a special friend who is intact with UiTM, Rudzila Subli in UBCo, N ik Noor Faridah, I don't have any idea where you are, Azmi (Jimmy) Manap, Azlan,Azhar Samad, Mokhtar Taliff, Rohani Maidin, Hawa Nasir, Salwani Rahmat, Rahim Adam, Noraini Kurdi, Yong, and many more whom I can't remember. My prayers to arwah Abang Amran Othman and arwah Abang Razali Othman.

Then I started my job in Coopers. I met Cheah Im Bee, a beautiful girl from Penang. After Coopers, I went to Uniphone. I met A.L. Linda Ab Latip. She was the Secretary to the MD. I became a good friend to Ruhani Abdul Razak, a sweet girl from Pulai Condong, Kelantan. Besides Linda and Ani, I have TT, or her real name Latifah Ahmad Akhiruddin. TT is still in contact with me. We share our joys and tears together. TT now works as a researcher with AC Nielsen, whereas Linda is the Secretary to Ingress's Director. Ani, please contact me should you know how...

I left Uniphone for a good cause. I joined Celcom Transmission and I became good friend to Letchumi (Letch) Ratakrishnan, Fatimah (Tim) Salleh, Nik Rodiani (Mok Nik) Nik Daud, Haliza Mohamed, Khalidah Arif and many more. I had good time in Celcom. I love the place and the people.

Then, I went to Alcatel where I had only a handful of good friends. Why? Coz, not many Malaysians in the company... I had Chow Siew Ying. She is my closest friend ever. We always curse each other. She is now practising in her own accounting firm. Noor Ashikin Abdullah, the CFO's Secretary, Puan Norani Sulaiman, ex-Deputy MD of Alcatel, now on her own, Yuri Zaharin Abdul Wahab - I don't where you are now, Sha'aza Abdul Aziz , Roslan Aziz, Ismail Ali, Salina Sahrom, Zahinan Noor, Noor Salina Salleh, Noriah Mad, all of them are still in Alcatel; and not forgetting Rosnani Mohd Zain who is currently in Telekom Malaysia. I can never forget Herve Pourcines, now in USA and Baudouin Courau, now in France. They were my previous Bosses. What about Ralph Khoury??? He was not my friend....!

During my Masters' period, I was close to Noni Abdullah, Azlin Hamzah, Rosliza, Norhazlina Ibrahim, Haryati Sepihis, Rapiah Mohd Zain and Anis. They are still my friends till now.

I am now in KUTPM Shah Alam. Not many friends that are close to me coz most of them left the company after a short stint. This includes Dalilawati Zainal, now doing her PhD in University Malaya, Anuar Sarun, he left to serve UiTM Jengka, Dr Azlinna Azizan, now lecturing in University Malaya, Hairul Hisham Bujang who is on his own now and Rahimi who is now in Politeknik Sabak Bernam. I am very grateful that I still have good friends like Asma Rina Abdul Rahman, Wan Masliza Wan Mohamed and Rosnia Masruki, not forgetting Dr Shan and Rozelin Johari, my ex-student who is now a lecturer... They fill my life will laughter and happiness...

Without friends, my life in dull and empty. Thank you to all my friends...

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sapura said...

hi!, i was your junior in bukit kuda, i cant remember which year, but i remember you clearly because we took the same bus...pakcik name is sapura and currently teaching english in samt hisamuddin. i dont blog but i am an avid reader of bloggers. yeah alot of memories there.. i remember siti salwa and tan lay wan of course....u remember sarimah sunar? she's is smk meru.